My Week’s End hoping u can attend.

HOLA here’s some of my crazy coolness for this week’s end & i hope you can attend:

Friday: CALDO COMEDY-Musical Comedy in between La Frenetika’s sets.
La Esquina De La Cumbia
Esquina Tango
209 Pedernales St. ATX

Saturday: Bari Sax Blasting Soul Music w/LaTasha Lee & The BlackTies
2ND Street Soundcheck for Austin Monthly
2nd Street District
214 Guadalupe
Come out and have a good time. It’s a FREE
Outdoor event. Beer Local Food. Crafts and most of all Good music! Sat. Feb 28 Austin Tx
The street fest kicks off @ 1pm.

Saturday Night: I’ll be dancing like a mad man making magical memorable mooves at Austin’s Carnaval Brasileiro
www.SambaParty.com Palmer Events Center 10PM

Sunday: I’ll be flying kites with the familia during the day it’s free and amazing!
Zilker Kite Festival www.abckitefestival.com

Sunday Night: Break Yo’ Self III at Empire Control Room 6PM
BreakDance Party/Contest by Quest Of…

If by chance YOU are reading this and we haven’t talked or keep missing each other just know YOU are Always Invited to come have fun with me!

New MUSIC Coming Soon can’t wait!




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Life happens for you!

Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you. Every person and life circumstance that comes into your life is there to help you grow and become a better version of yourself. In life, sometimes you’re going to grow at a much faster rate than those you are in relationship with, and eventually outgrow those relationships to the point where those people aren’t in your life anymore. You also will encounter people who learn and grow much quicker than you do and therefore, they may outgrow and leave you. The worst thing you can do in any relationship is to try and change someone or mold them into what you think they should be. Love people for who they are, and send them feelings of love even if you have to leave them behind.

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Thanks Be To LOVE

Love is like a drug… it doesn’t matter who’s supplying, as long as the supply is good. A new love drowns out the last. This isn’t to say that you’ll entirely stop loving her.
I believe that there are some people we never stop loving because they’ve become a part of us.

You will, though, stop loving them romantically. And as far as intense emotions and obsessions goes, that’s enough…

Love did what it had to do, & will lead me to who it has to every time
I’m appreciative.

I believe in the blessings Love has shown me.
I am a better superior man bcuz of it.
Thanks be to LOVE!


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What an amazing past weekend!! Recap

Friday I had a breakthru w/some feelings I had been dealing with…& decided to completely walk away & stop caring. I am a extremely busy guy on a purposeful mission & I have a lot to offer people in general & I know what I can offer a woman/partner is above amazing & worthwhile compared to most men out there. I’m still studying myself & becoming a superior man but we get side tracked by living a life of wanting to be in love. (I’m not ready to express my feelings in detail as I’m still gathering the words & emotions internally) #StayTuned.

Anyhow; Friday night comes a long & I was invited to go see Mike E Winfield by my fellow comedian Tyler to Cap City & oh boy did I have a blast laughing so much & making new friends…& then met up w/some old amigos at Sahara lounge to celebrate Body Rock ATX 5 yr Dance party! Let me tell u, these parties have to be some of the most fun I’ve ever had in #Austin!!! U meet & hang with so many different people & u usually end up dancing & having a blast together…til 5am in the morning!!!
& then I remembered I had a public speaking seminar at Concordia University at 8:30am…let me tell u it was tough…but yoga/mediation gave me more than what I needed to go & keep going..it was very educational & I learned more about being a #Leader & met this guy from LA who does what I want to do when I get way way OLder LanceMiller.com cool cat!

& after that I went to perform some of my musical comedy at Central Market for the kids/parents w/my looper…& it was so much fun!

& then had to finish the night at Wabi Sabi Shakedown party doing 20mins of musical comedy at DozenStreet Bar infront of theatrical cool hipsters….
Only to get home at 2am & see my older brother & my daughters watchin “Get On Up” the James Brown movie…was so proud!

Fell asleep for a few hours then Sunday came in swinging w/a Lear Jet my buddy dad owns & a 2.5hr flight to LA to make a Grammy Afterparty (couldn’t get him a ticket…also left my phone & shoes in his damn jet!!!) anyhow we had a blast, I broke up a fight using humor & dance between to upcoming celebrities which was cool…I hope the footage on some kids GoPro comes out sooner or later…anyhow we partied in the sky & came back to ATx as I asked him to promise bcuz I have my daughters all week…& well I’m still hurting from lack of sleep & being sicky during the trip.

Never the less it was a fun weekend & I can just imagine what his crazy life has in store once I get all the neg bad vibes out & keep pushing forward.
If ur reading this I’m appreciative. Please send me a msg & tell me what u want to read/see more of?

& if YOU are reading this-know that I care for YOU.







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Oops!!! My Blog link was down

Hola hola peeps! Finally figured out what was wrong w/the uploading of blogs. Anyhow,
I’ve been kinda busy out & about. Hanging with family. Meeting new peeps. Traveling & really discovering some things about myself.
I guess one thing I need to work on is my timing…

Before the beginning of this year I was going thru emotional changes. To be honest I had my heart shredded…gave it some time & it healed & I got stronger, but guess what? I Opened the wounds again when I really wasn’t ready so it kinda threw me off again…need less to say it was probably a blessing….after talking for over an hour w/two of my mentors they both pretty much told me what I told her “focus on yourself” be FLY. first Love Yourself!!!

It’s crazy how when u have someone in ur life for a period of time & that person really helps u grow & achieve & believe & all of a sudden U have to learn to live with out them. Thankfully this time around I still had my guard up & kinda felt her vibes way off. I’m debating if I should really go into detail & start writing/posting some of the stuff going on in my heart/head but it probably won’t make much sense.
Needless to say I write a lot…I mean A LOT & where is it all going to go? Who knows? For now I’m doing it Bcuz it helps with the day to day craziness that comes to me daily…if anything I can always look back & say I had FUN!!!

No matter what happens- I L O V E LIFE!!!


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What an successful test tonight!

I was asked to perform a musical set tonight for a really cool event held by WabiSabi & it was a full out packed venue & so full of artistic expression.
I ended up doing my beatbox with live instruments & announced to the people I was a musical comedian. Needless to say I take pride knowing I was the first artist that cut the dance floor & had people dancing! What was an amazing experience was starting my first song, closing my eyes getting into It & the performance, I looked up & saw 4 lights from the cell phones recording me-it was surreal to see people dancing & laughing. Made me feel from another planet to be able to combine the two & actually having people say they’ve never dance laughed & my bit combining Cumbia & a Zumba class had people going!
I think I’m going to enjoy refining this of Caldo & see how much of an envelope I can push.
I looked up Come & Get Ur Love by Redbone & had the crowd singing/chanting back to me…another awesome experience. I didn’t get to open up too much myself to dance….but on the next one I will for sure! I was also given a fly beanie & sick t-shirt to sport/sponsor. This kat David from Guidance is a lovable hustler & I’m excited to see where he goes in the near future.


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Page 1 of 365

with looking back at all that has happened to me in the past year I can’t help but imagine what this new year has in store. I’ve met some really amazing people & have started to find myself & share myself with various “special” people. I never really had time to focus on myself & raising my daughters seems to always have been my focus. I love how k can talk & think with them now. We’ve had many conversations about what our future as “our little family” should pan out to be & what we expect…well needless to say, I’ve opened up a can of craziness with my daughters! Talking with them & showing them different glimpses of what the world can look like if u work hard & BELIeve in urself ! We’ll need less to say they have come up w/some crazy ideas that I’m afraid of now…I’ve created monsters. But with visions.


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